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Vers le Souffle is a journey towards healing, nature life connection and sharing traditional wisdom for the inner Self. Sergio, Mountain Leader, Ayurvedic Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher, will guide you to the sources of wellbeing. Are you ready for a transformative experience?



Want to explore the delights of the Tarentaise Vanoise valley? Come and immerse yourself in the heart of the unspoilt nature of the Alps.

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Wellness treatments and massages based on the millennial principles of traditional Indian medicine.

Ayurveda offers solutions for every need: enhancing your well-being, recovering from sport, beauty rituals, or treating specific health problems such as inflammation, stress symptoms or overweight.

Ayurvedic Massages

Ayurvedic Rituals 


Take care of your body to ensure that your soul wants to remain there. Now is the time.

A unique experience at the gates of Courchevel

The concept is simple: eat with full attention, focusing on the senses, emotions and sensations of the moment.

Yoga Lessons

Body & Mind

In these fast-paced times, we tend to forget to rest and take time for oneself. The quest to escape the stresses of everyday life begins with a question: "Who am I? This is an essential which Yoga has been helping us to answer for thousands of years, the path to the Self. Mastering the senses to plunge into the depths of the Self. Human being instead of human doing.

Cours de Hatha Yoga à Courchevel

Hatha Yoga

Inspired by Tantra, Kundalini and Yoga of Sound.

Cours de Yin Yoga à Courchevel

Yin Yoga

Improve sleep and free the fascias.

Cours de Nada Yoga & Yoga Nidra à Courchevel

Nada Yoga

Boost your vitality and wake up the subtle forces in yourself.

The healing power of Yoga

Yoga gives you a supple, healthy body, strong nerves, a balanced mind and a serene, dynamic personality. Although it is not a therapy in itself, many doctors practise it themselves and recommend it to their patients. In fact, yoga begins where medicine ends.

Yoga contributes to the improvement, lessening and recovery of injuries and problems, such as :









Active Meditation in Courchevel

Active Meditation

Active outdoor meditations based on vegetal beings, the Afghan walk and the five elements.

Outdoor adventures and bivouac in the Vanoise National Park

Tour Champagny to Rosuel 3 days

The glacial valley of Champagny-le-haut welcomes us for an Alpine start between two significant valleys, Rosuel and Champagny.

Refuge entre le Lac | Refuge Mont Pourri

Tour Lacs Merlet 4 days

A highly unusual itinerary among the Vanoise giants. Departure and return to Pralognan-en-Vanoise.

Refuge Péclet Polset | Refuge du Saut | Refuge Lacs Merlet

Tour Glaciers de la Vanoise

A legendary hike in the heart of the Vanoise National Park. From 3 to 9 days.

Awakening Conscious Programmes

Inner adventures of awakening consciousness in the heart of the mountains. Experiences in hiking, conscious breathing, Afghan walking, high-mountain meditation and exploration of Ayurvedic cuisine are just some of the subjects covered.

Micro-aventures intérieurs sur l'énergie vitale, à Courchevel

Subtle experiences based on traditional Hatha Yoga, unchanged for thousands of years: Meditation and Mantras, Vital Energy and Exploration of the Five Elements.

Afghan Walk : the vital movement

Background, history and methodology of Afghan Walk.

Benefits of Meditation

Etymological origins, definition, benefits and practices

What's Yin Yoga ?

Origin, chi theory, yin and yang, qualities, benefits and foundations of Yin Yoga.

The hidden potential: Mantra Yoga

Meaning, uses, types, benefits and practice of Mantra Yoga.